Unlimited expansion of Gojo Satoru’s empty domain, explained

Satoru Gojo is one of the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and he plays an extremely important role as a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High, properly raising the next generation of wizards and making them as strong as possible. Satoru himself is incredibly powerful, known to be the strongest jujutsu wizard in the entire world. In the Gojo family, he is considered the elite, having inherited powers no one else has.

Having the title of strongest wizard of Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s no surprise that Gojo Satoru has some incredible powers up his sleeve. While his use of cursed energy and technique is out of this world, one of his biggest specialties is his domain expansion, called Unlimited Void.


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To explain Unlimited Void, one of Satoru Gojo’s strongest powers, one must understand what a domain extension is. Simply put, a domain extension is an advanced technique which allows the user to erect a barrier around themselves and the target and create a completely new space which is considered as the user’s innate domain. As expected, in his own domain, the user is several times stronger. It is believed that the strength of each of their cursed techniques increases greatly, and at the same time, the techniques also cannot be avoided.

Domain extensions are generally considered the ultimate techniques of any jujutsu wizard, and to perform them the user must integrate the domain with their innate technique to give rise to this superpowered ability. To activate a domain extension, a wave of the hand is usually considered sufficient, and immediately after that the domain extension begins to take effect, ensuring that the user becomes stronger. That said, however, not everyone is able to use the domain extension. Being the ultimate form of jujutsu sorcery, domain extensions are incredibly difficult to master. It is a known fact that they consume a lot of cursed energy and even maintaining the barrier itself is considered difficult. Most high-level wizards fail to master domain extensions in their lifetime, which shows how difficult these techniques are for even the most skilled.

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As seen on some occasions in history, although rare, it is not impossible for domain extensions to clash. In fact, the best way to counter a domain extension is to use your own against it. Once unleashed, the two battle for superiority, and the finer realm usually comes out on top.

Unlimited Void is one of the most powerful domain extensions in history and belongs only to Satoru Gojo. Debuting for the very first time against a special grade cursed spirit named Jogo, Gojo unleashed this power to counter Jogo’s domain expansion and fans got a clear glimpse of what the strongest jujutsu wizard has. was really capable. When used, Gojo is able to create a space composed of absolutely nothing, i.e. it manifests a void. At first glance, Unlimited Void transports the target to a space that looks like the center of the universe itself.

Once the gap is fully erected, Gojo activates Unlimited Void by crossing his index and middle fingers. Immediately afterwards, the Boundless Void proceeds to attack the target with infinite knowledge and cause them to see and feel everything and nothing at once, which is the true essence of a void. As a result, the target is immediately paralyzed, unable to think or move. All they can do is slowly wither away as they are subject to a painful and excruciatingly slow death. Unlimited Void doesn’t just affect those it’s intended for. Anyone close enough to the void is affected by this technique unless they come into direct contact with Gojo, which just goes to show how versatile this domain extender is.

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The overall power of Gojo’s Unlimited Void is off the charts, and it’s been demonstrated many times throughout the story. To put that into perspective, just 0.2 seconds spent in Unlimited Void is known to be extremely lethal to even the most skilled fighters, and would require around 2 months of rehabilitation after release. Even a Special Grade Curse such as Jogo was powerless against the power of Infinite that Satoru Gojo channeled through his Domain Extender. Obviously, this technique is incredibly overpowered and can hardly be countered by anyone in the entire series.

The limitless expansion of Satoru Gojo’s empty domain, coupled with all of his other superpowered abilities, is what makes him one of the most skilled fighters in Jujutsu Kaisen and warrants him being the absolute pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery. In the future, fans could potentially see him perform even more powerful techniques and see him reach even greater heights as a fighter.

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