The USAF will phase out the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer career field (130)

The United States Air Force (USAF) is ready to disappear the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer (13O) career field to focus on training in multi-domain capabilities.

The phase-out will involve 136 Total Force Airmen assigned to the Active Component, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.

Air Force Chief of the General Staff CQ Brown, Jr said, “We must be prepared for future conflicts with our joint and combined partners, and the knowledge that multi-warfare officers -areas bring to combat are too critical to limit to a single career area.

“To continue to outrank adversaries close to peers, we must build the multi-domain expertise of all Air Force members.”

The USAF will strive to improve its professional training and force structure.

This will allow Airmen to apply operational concepts and contribute to joint operations across all domains instead of focusing on a basic Air Force specialty code.

Eligible officers must meet with the Colonel LAF-X Central Selection Committee between March 29 and April 14, 2022, after which the transition will be initiated.

Multi-Area Warfare Officers will receive guidance from Commanders during the reassignment process.

US Air Force Deputy Chief of Operations Staff and Director of Training and Readiness, Major General Albert Miller, added: “We want to utilize the depth of knowledge and experience that our multi-domain warfare officers bring to the fight and, where possible, we need their help in training and educating Airmen to fight and win against a peer threat in all domains.

In 2018, the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer (13O) career field was formed as part of the Multi-Domain Command and Control Implementation Plan.

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