The man shares details of how he sold a domain name he bought in 2017 at 6,000 Naira for over 180 million Naira

  • A man has detailed how he recently hit the jackpot after selling a domain name he bought for just 6,000 Naira for over 180 million Naira
  • The domain was purchased in 2017, and he claims to have several others he owns for potential customers
  • Its transaction reflects Elon Musk’s takeover of the Telsa brand from a young Japanese man for $75,000

It’s a sweet, brave victory for a man who details how he was able to sell a domain he bought for $16 (N6,000) in 2017 for $435,000 (N180.60 million).

In a thread on Twitter, @cryptofelon said he was approached by Come on daddy who said a “multi-billion dollar” exchange was interested in buying the website address for $500.

After receiving persistent messages, he told them that he was only willing to sell the domain for 10 Bitcoin, which was worth $500,000 at the time.

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domain name, come on dad
Screenshot of its first offer Credit: @cryptofelon
Source: Facebook

Although he didn’t expect a response, GoDaddy eventually responded saying he was willing to pay $200,000.

Explaining what happened next, @cryptofelon explained:

“That’s not what I asked for. I wanted 10 bitcoins, and I was going to get 10 bitcoins. And so, I ignored the offer. I declined $200,000 – for a domain that doesn’t only cost me $16. 12,500x profit. knew my worth.”

He doubled down by insisting he wanted 10 BTC – and was warned that this asking price “will more than likely scare the buyer completely.”

Screenshots of GoDaddy’s email suggest the company tried to lower its resolution – and even declared it major. American domain names often sell for much less, with under the hammer for $75,000…and changing hands for $36,000. The representative wrote:

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“It sounds like you have very high expectations for this particular domain name. The reality is that the buyer’s counter-offer would be a record sale price…I have a feeling this domain name . US would probably be a “nice to have” for the buyer, but I’m sure they can get by without it.”

A high-stakes negotiation

Unfortunately, @cryptofelon’s insistence on being paid 10 BTC was met with radio silence – but a drop in Bitcoin’s value last September may have worked in their favor. A few weeks later, the determined owner of the domain wrote:

“Volatility seems to be in favor of the potential buyer. 10 BTC currently equals $435,000 today. Is $435,000 in cash feasible for your client?”

The negotiation continued, with GoDaddy responding that he might be able to convince the company to go all the way to $350,000 if @cryptofelon shakes hands on that amount.

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He wrote:

“All on the line at this point. I took it from $500 to $200,000 guaranteed. If I read the situation correctly, I also had practically $350,000 in my hands as well. Was I reading the situation correctly? Could I see past the psyops? Would I have the price of 10 bitcoins?”

There were a few days of silence as he waited to see if his request for $435,000 would be met – and as the agonizing wait continued, he had to resist the urge to email them again. -mail.

He said:

“I wasn’t going to reach out more than the one time I’ve ever had.”

Finally, the email arrived and the buyer agreed that he was ready to pay the full $435,000.

Sharing the screenshot that confirmed the offer was made – along with the funds that sit nicely in that bank account – @cryptofelon said:

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“From $500 to $200,000 to $350,000, I had now traded a $16 domain for $435,000. I had done it.”

Reaction to domain sale

Damilola Steven wrote:

It’s nice! Haha, this guy is crazy… Most would have accepted the offer at 200 or 350…

@DegodHasslehoffc said:

Very shrewd negotiator. masterclass at both ends.

@n8Lee also said:

“In fact, I used to work at this exact location for 2 years!!! I have never seen a domain broker transaction process go down…ever! They always told us to directing the customer to the domain buying service… That was so cool!

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