.nz is a trusted domain of choice for businesses and consumers in Aotearoa

New to researchpublished today by InternetNZ, shows that .nz remains the most trusted domain for New Zealanders and their online presence.

71% of New Zealand businesses – up from 58% in 2020 – agree that .nz domains are more trustworthy than other domain names.

Businesses choose .nz (which includes .co.nz, org.nz.net.nz.maori.nz etc.) to show that they are based in Aotearoa, proud to be a New Zealand company and to drive local traffic to their websites.

InternetNZ Tumuwhanake | Chief Customer and Product Officer Tim Johnson says consumers share that sentiment too.

“Our data shows that 76% of Aotearoa consumers search for domains that end in .nz when searching online, with 72% entering nz or .nz as part of their search,” says Johnson.

According to the survey results, 64% of all businesses and 24% of all consumers in New Zealand say they own or manage a domain name.

“Of those who own any type of domain, 70% of businesses and 64% of consumers have a .nz domain,” says Tim Johnson.

This equates to 44% of all businesses in Aotearoa and 15% of all New Zealand consumers owning a .nz domain.

With .nz domains being the first choice for most New Zealanders, .com domains come second in popularity. .com domains are primarily associated with international traffic by respondents.

InternetNZ regularly conducts consumer and business research to better understand how businesses and consumers in Aotearoa use domain names and their thoughts on different types of domain names.


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