NIXI Launches ‘Har Ghar Digital, Har Jeevan Digital’ Campaign Offers Rs 75 Domain Registrations

As India celebrates its 75th anniversary, Independence Day?, National Internet Exchange This Is India (NIXI), announces a national campaign titled “Har Ghar Digital, Har Jeevan Digital”. In this context, NIXI offers the registration of .IN and .भारत domains at Rs 75 for one year. This campaign offer is available August 5 August 20, 2022. The goal of this initiative is to encourage the use of the .IN and .भारत domain names and the distribution of local language content on the Internet.
The The initiative also aims to increase digitalization across all sectors, including MSME startups, education and healthcare. The offer Designed to make it easier for citizens to obtain a digital identity, this offer will enable them to contribute to the country’s digital economy by becoming digitally independent. Along To Users can receive a free, personalized email ID to help them expand their online presence.
About Within 3,000,000 India Outside Inside India uses .IN / .भारत domain for promoting their business and personal digital identity, .IN is said to be the fastest growing domain in Asia Pacific.
Because NIXI does not profit. Section 8 Companies Act 2013. It is designed to enable peering between ISPs to route domestic traffic within the country and not to the US/overseas. This reduction ISPs reduced latency and bandwidth costs, which helped improve the quality of service. Three lines of business are found in NIXI. These include
* Indian domains
* IXP: ISPs have access to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). “Meeting” peering Also known as exchange traffic. This This This saves ISPs money, increases connectivity and reduces latency.
* IRINN: This is a division that is part of NIXI. It provides registration and attribution service. Internet Protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) addresses and autonomous system numbers to its affiliates.