Montgomery County Board of Directors backs eminent domain ban on pipeline | News

(Red Oak) – Montgomery County officials have taken a stand on the volatile issue of eminent domain.

By unanimous vote Tuesday morning, the County Board of Supervisors approved a letter of objection to the Iowa Utilities Board’s use of eminent domain to acquire property for a carbon dioxide pipeline project. carbon. The supervisors’ action follows last week’s meeting, where several local residents spoke out against any effort by Summit Carbon Solutions to use legal maneuver to secure land for the Midwest CO2 pipeline project. Express through Montgomery County and other affected areas. Supervisor Mike Olsen read the letter noting the board’s objection.

“The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors has passed a unanimous motion to submit an official comment-of-the-record objection to the Summit Carbon Pipeline,” Olsen said. “This council does not oppose the installation of the pipeline, however, they believe that the right of way should belong to our landowners.”

While the letter says the county still has responsibility for overseeing pipeline construction and other regulatory matters, Olsen says the board believes the use of eminent domain should be preserved for publicly recognized works or community service infrastructure.

“Using it to build this type of project would be an inappropriate use of this measure,” Olsen said. “We are asking the Iowa Utilities Board to deny the use of eminent domain for privately owned hazardous liquids pipelines to include the Summit Carbon Capture Project. In the opinion of this board, Private land interactions and transactions must be negotiated between the private entities involved.

Supervisors Chairman Mark Peterson said the letter is similar to one recently approved by the Shelby County Board of Supervisors and reviewed by Assistant County Attorney Bruce Swanson. While saying the letter may not have legal ramifications, Peterson hopes the opposition expressed by supervisors will send a message.

“I guess in my opinion, I think it’s good that we do everything we can to allow our landowners in the western part of the county to have a level playing field to work on,” said said Peterson.

In other cases, the board interviewed officials from LT Leon and Associates of Des Moines, a potential company to handle the county’s pipeline inspection duties. However, no action was taken.

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