Learnbay Introduces Domain Specialization Program to Help Professionals Make Sustainable Career Transition

Learnbay, an edtech startup offering new era technology upskilling and reskilling programs, has introduced a new domain specialization feature on its platform. The feature ensures a successful career transition for aspirants regardless of their career path.

Learnbay offers subject-specific programs designed for working professionals to help them enhance their existing expertise based on current industry advancements. Courses with a specialization function are structured in such a way that they can be completed in 8 to 12 months. They also allow students to work on the latest summaries in their chosen field and earn a project experience certificate from IBM. So far, more than 1,600 students have achieved career success through specialized training. With a target of approximately 300 students per month, Learnbay aims to upskill and retrain working professionals towards a smooth career transition.

Learnbay’s disruptive suite of up-to-date technical courses and job-focused training is revolutionizing the Indian e-learning space. The start-up company highlights the profiles of its students and has them recognized by renowned companies around the world. Nearly 85% of Learnbay students come from non-IT related fields, including banking, retail, and healthcare, among others.

Commenting on the same, Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder and CBO of Learnbay, said, “We as an edtech community believe in personalized learning programs, modules and support. Our goal is to provide hands-on learning with project-based experience. We help them build a solid profile and also prepare for successful interviews. Transitioning to specialized programs in the field will help aspirants develop meaningful careers. »

Learnbay provides job recommendations and helps students land the best job opportunities with major multinationals. In the event of investment failure, a money-back guarantee is also in place. With this feature, aspirants can continue to focus on their skills without worrying about monetary loss. .

About Learnbay

Learnbay, founded by Ms. Nisha Kumari and Mr. Abhishek Gupta in 2015, is an EdTech company based in Bengaluru. Their main focus is to offer courses in data science, AI, ML, comprehensive web development, and advanced software development ranging from 180 to 400 hours for working professionals. In addition to offering course completion certificates, the company also offers certificates for project work and micro-skills through IBM.

Students can access this blended style of learning through accredited centers in cities across India, including Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Delhi. The biggest distinguishing qualities of Learnbay are its personalized learning strategies, modules and support. The organization offers targeted career counseling to help candidates choose the best career path based on their academic and professional skills.