How to Unlock the Lost Valley Estate for Farming Artifacts

Variant 2.6 of Genshin Impact brought a new region, The Gulf, which introduced new enemies, scenery, and artifacts. Artifacts will be accessible to players through the new realm, Fuao Vale, also known as the Lost Valley domain. Our step by step guide will help you unlock the lost valley domain in Genshin Impact.

Although not hidden beneath the chasm area, the Lost Valley Estate is still difficult to locate. Even after finding the location, players must solve a puzzle before finding their way into the mysterious area. To access the chasm, players must be Adventure Rank 22 or higher and complete the archon quest Prologue: Act 3 – The Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

Lost Valley Estate Locations in Genshin Impact

Before beginning their journey to the domain, players are recommended to unlock the Statue of the Seven so that the full Chasm map is visible. Head to the realm marker near Fuao Vale with at least one geographical character capable of placing geographical constructions like Geo MC or Ningguang.

Lost Valley location (Image via miHoYo)

Players can approach the location from the Statue of Seven or the teleport point, the surface. Once there, activate the pressure plate by placing a geobuild on it and head south towards the large rock with swirling waves. Launch the geobuilder at the large boulder to resonate and activate shockwaves revealing a prior hidden path to the domain. Opening the cave path will also unlock the achievement of The Lost Valley.

Lost Valley Estate Artifacts: Is It Worth Farming

the two artifacts are geared towards specific characters, which means it’s worth farming some specific characters, but if players don’t have those characters, it’s not worth spending the money resin and the time. The next two Artifact sets are available for breeding:

Genshin Impact Lost Valley Artifacts
Image via miHoYo

1. Vermilion below

A two-piece set increases 18% attack power. After using a Elemental Blasta four-piece set grants the dawning light effect, increasing attack by 8% for 16 seconds. When the wearer’s HP decreases, attack power increases by an additional 10%. This effect can trigger up to four times and no more than once every 0.8 seconds.

Xiao uses the set best because not only does the 2-piece set increase its normal attack, but the 4-piece amplifies its damage potential when it starts to lose its HP. The whole thing, however, is very good for Xiao. It’s viable to do multiple runs on this area if they don’t already have good artifacts.

2. Echoes of an Offering

The two-piece set increases attack by 18%. When hitting an opponent, the four-piece set has a 36% chance to trigger Rite of the Valley, which increases normal attack damage by 70% of the character’s attack. The 4 Piece Artifact Set is the best slot for Kamisato Ayato and is viable for Yoimiya, Shaverand Tartaglia.

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