How to Get Luxurious Chests in the Old Azure Stars Estate

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The Summer Odyssey Quest in Genshin Impact saw amazing and unique puzzles that will have you scratching your head. Hoyoverse has done a great job of keeping the necessary things fairly easy to solve, but they also have made the optional puzzles particularly difficult.

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The Ancient Azure Stars is the final mirage you need to solve to head towards the conclusion of the main quest. While beating this mirage, which belongs to Mona, is easier for the story, the puzzles to get the luxurious chests inside are extremely difficult. Besides that, it’s the only mirage with two luxurious chests in it.


How to get the first luxurious chest

You will need beat the estate once to acquire these luxurious chests. Once you exit the domain after completing it, you can return from the same pool of water you used to enter for the first time.

You will also be able to see the total number of chests and conches you missed on the main screen after interacting with the pool. Upon entering the domain, you should have already emptied the pool in the middleopening a path to the blue door pictured above.

Enter the door and you will be inside Mona’s house. Here, just continue to the rooms with open doors, and you’ll eventually reach Mona’s room where you will see the device pictured aboveand you can touch it.

Interacting with the device will take you to the familiar Star Zone where you will see a blue circle surrounded by four pedestals that you can walk on. You must use these pedestals to solve the puzzle.

If you look up, you’ll see another blue circle with a pattern inside. When you step onto a pedestal, you will notice that a a particular star moves in a certain direction (left, right, up or down) depending on which pedestal you are standing on.

You must place this star in a certain position to complete the pattern, but you don’t really have a reference, at least not in this area. The problem with this puzzle is that you can eventually get it by trying all the positions because there is only one star that moves.

But if you do that, you’ll miss an interesting detail in this puzzle. Go to your Character section if you have Mona, or Character Archives if you don’t. Move to the Constellations section and you’ll notice that each star in the puzzle is in the same position as the glowing dots on Mona’s Constellation figure, except for the one you can move.

All you gotta do is move this star and place it in the correct position to recreate the Mona Constellation figure. Once you’ve done that, a new door will appear. Walk out and you will be greeted by a Luxurious Chest Waiting for you.

How to get the second luxurious chest

The path to the second Luxurious Chest is through the first door you unlocked when first running this domain. First, you need to get to the conch in this area.

Once you find the conch, you will see another puzzle with locked precious chest. You should use the pattern on the floor as a reference and create the same pattern in the sky ahead.

The problem is that each pedestal of it moves different stars, and not just one star each. There are three different positions where the stars are placed when you step onto each pedestal, and you need to find the correct position.

There are numbers given to each pedestal and the same number is given to the stars that the pedestal affects. Keep stepping on a certain pedestal until they come to a position similar to the one pictured.

The third pedestal moves three stars, but it only has two positions because the third star goes out of the diagram and leads you to another location. Collect your reward by unlocking the precious chest and following the star to go further.

Following the star will take you to the star area again and this time you will have a red challenge pedestal where you can start the same challenge you did at the end of the first part of this area. The only difference is that this time you have to finish it taking less than ten hits.

Once you complete this challenge, another door will appear with the second luxurious chest eagerly awaiting your arrival on the other side.

If you have Zhongli or Venti unlocked, they can be a great choice for the final part of this challenge. This is because you are allowed to use your skills and jump during this challenge.

So you can just use the elemental skill of these characters and cheat the system completely.

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