HII’s Mission Technologies division is committed to providing advanced technologies and domain expertise

MCLEAN, Will– Global engineering and defense technology provider HII (NYSE:HII) has renamed its Engineering Solutions division: Mission Technologies. Following a series of strategic acquisitions and supported by organic growth, the division has expanded its workforce worldwide and strengthened its capabilities with mission-critical national security solutions.

“HII has transformed its portfolio across the board with highly advanced technological capabilities,” said Andy Green, Executive Vice President of HII and President of HII’s Mission Technologies Division. “We are proud of our dedicated personnel who tackle ever-evolving threats in support of our customers’ missions, and the Mission Technologies name underscores our offering for continued business growth. »

HII’s Mission Technologies division develops integrated solutions that enable today’s connected and all-purpose force. Capabilities include C5ISR systems and operations; applying AI and machine learning to battlefield decisions; defensive and offensive strategies in cyberspace and GE; unmanned autonomous systems; LVC solutions; modernization of the platform; and critical nuclear operations.

“There has been a revolution over the past five years in how we can collect data from the edge, aggregate it, and process it in near real time,” said Todd Borkey, Chief Technology Officer of HII’s Mission Technologies Division. “The new speed and accuracy with which we identify critical information has enabled countless new opportunities for collaboration between humans and machines, and today we are delivering these data-driven solutions.”

Mission Technologies recently announced:

Selection of REMUS 300 as of the US Navy record-breaking next-generation small UUV (SUUV) program.

Completion of the first-ever contractor-owned and operated aircrew training for we Air Force in Europe (USAFE) – African Air Force (AFAFRICA).

Successful integration of HII’s advanced autonomy solutions with Sea Machines Robotics’ SM300 autonomy product.

The six operating groups within the division are:

C5ISR: Deliver actionable intelligence across the globe at lightning-fast speed through mission systems and operations, accelerating decision-making and exploiting foreign threat vulnerabilities.

Cyber, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Space: Full-spectrum cyber, EW and space capabilities that respond to today’s rapidly evolving multi-domain global security threats and anticipate emerging threats.

Unmanned Systems: World-leading autonomy and multi-domain autonomous systems making large swaths of the earth accessible for defense, research and commerce.

Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Solutions: Designing and executing simulation and enterprise network technologies to prepare warfighters for virtually any imaginable situation they may encounter in the service of national defense and security.

Fleet Sustainment: Ensuring the World’s Highest Performing and Resilient National Security Platforms are Mission Ready: A Holistic Lifecycle Approach to Maritime Defense Systems at Sea, Under the Sea and on the ground.

Nuclear and Environmental Services: Leveraging HII’s Disciplined Nuclear Operations Culture to Safely Manage and Operate Ministry of Energy sites and perform complex environmental remediation.

HII’s Mission Technologies division is headquartered in McLean with over 100 installations worldwide.

HII is a global engineering and defense technology provider. With a 135-year history of trusted partnerships in advancing we national security, HII offers essential capabilities ranging from the most powerful and resilient warships ever built to unmanned systems, ISR and AI/ML analysis. HII is the industry leader in mission-driven solutions that support and enable networked strength across all domains. Based at Virginia, HII’s skilled workforce is 44,000. For more information visit:

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