Here’s what a $10,000 seat at the Wynn Las Vegas, Domain H. William Harlan Dinner Series includes

A beacon of opulence against the Sin City skyline, Wynn Las Vegas has long been a magnet for luxury travelers since opening nearly two decades ago — and this fall they’re giving big players another elite reason to seek out a reservation.

Wynn Las Vegas has partnered with famed Napa Valley wine mogul H. William Harlan Estate– behind the vineyards of Harlan Estate, Bond and Promontory – to offer three exclusive dinners. Priced at $10,000 per person, each reservation is limited to 20 people and must be accommodated in a variety of intimate settings, including the two-story Encore duplex suite and the Wynn Golf Club.

“The goal is to create unique experiences that include access to specially selected wines directly from each of the three estates’ wine libraries,” Brian Weitzman, executive director of wine at Wynn Las Vegas told Forbes. Since each dinner is dedicated to just one of the wineries, each event is truly one of a kind.”

The extravagant series is staggered throughout the fall, with a dinner experience each month. Starting Sept. 10, guests will mingle at a Krug Champagne reception before indulging in a six-course menu (think Kobe beef and truffles) led by SW Steakhouse Executive Chef Mark LoRusso, and complemented by food-wine pairings of the first vintages of Harlan Estate. In October, Delilah executive chef Joshua Smith treats guests to a multi-course dinner on the 18th hole of the Wynn Golf Club (bypassing the typical $750 green fees to play here); the vintage wine pairing will showcase all five wines from Bond’s Grand Cru portfolio. Finally, in November, guests can expect a Dom Pérignon welcome, followed by dinner with chef Min Kim from Mizumi and paired with Promontory wines, but the venue has yet to be revealed.

In addition to haute cuisine, premier wines (average price per bottle hovering between $700 and $1,000), first-class venues, access to award-winning talent, and a one-night stay at a newly renovated Wynn Tower Suite room, $10,000 attendee entry to the winery presented each respective night, Weitzman pointed out. “As a member, they have direct access to purchase allowances for H. William Harlan estate wines, without going through a waiting list.”

Don Weaver, Founding Director, on behalf of the H. William Harlan Estate explained that the waiting lists for the three properties, Harlan Estate, Bond and Promontory, go on for several years. “Our team spends a lot of time and effort to make sure we’re doing exactly the right thing by rewarding new customers for their patience with us. Yet, at the same time, relationships, rather than transactions, are the foundation of our culture, and when we have spent time with someone and recognize their genuine interest, we sometimes make exceptions.

Already have fall plans? Weitzman teased that the dinner series could be the first of many, so keep an eye out for similar events in the future: “We see this dinner series as the kickoff of things to come,” Weitzman said. “As we approach next year, we are expanding our reach internationally to partner with more top wineries to consistently deliver unparalleled dining experiences.