Hawthorn FC and Visual Domain launch interactive campaign to bring fans back to the ‘G

Australia’s largest video production company, Visual Domain, has partnered with Hawthorn Football Club to create a series of interactive videos encouraging Hawks fans to return to the stands and support their club, post-pandemic.

The video features Hawks superstars Jack Gunston, James Worpel and club legend David Parkin, and showcases Melbourne’s footy culture, an iconic pre-match ritual, and walks home as one, the MCG.

Along with nostalgic moments from the film, viewers can interact with the video, personalizing their footy-day adventure.

The initiative stems from the post-covid decline in attendance at sporting events, with the three-minute video urging fans to re-join and return to the stands instead of opting for home viewing.

“We wanted to create truly engaging, emotional and interactive content that would resonate with our Melbourne-based members and fans,” said Jeremy Millard, General Manager of Hawthorn Football Club.

“Our members in particular have been extremely resilient over the past two seasons with major disruptions to the football season. This campaign is a fantastic reminder of what an unforgettable experience it can be to watch a Hawks game live at ‘G, and how much we appreciate the crowds at our games!

Visual Domain Director Dave Mallen said, “Being a Melbourne-based company, our team felt extremely passionate about this project! Like most Melburnians, we grew up with football at the center of our culture, so we felt really passionate about getting the Hawks back on track for a successful 2022 season.