eminent domain suits deposited for the land

Vicksburg, Miss. (WJTV) – The city of Vicksburg and Warren County have launched prominent estate proceedings in hopes of acquiring 20 properties from six owners for a new port.

Vicksburg Post reported The proposed Inner South Port is planned to be built off US 61 South along the Mississippi River, south of Entergy’s Baxter Wilson Generating Station and the mouth of Hennessey Bayou. Authorities want 28 plots of land, totaling 1,034 acres. The proposed value of the land $830,000.

The city’s Board of Aldermen and County Board of Supervisors passed a joint resolution in December that allows them to go to Warren County Court to obtain the property through eminent domain.

Vicksburg Warren Economic Development Partnership President and CEO Pablo Diaz said the existing port is at maximum capacity. He said the new port would provide a sea wall and other flood control measures. The site would also allow for railway extensions, access roads and other necessary infrastructure. He added that efforts were made to buy the property at fair market value, but the owners agreed.

According to the newspaper, the law firm Butler Snow will represent the city and county in the eminent legal proceedings in the area.