Australian direct domain names: 3 steps to register your business before the deadline

Australian businesses can apply by September 20, 2022 to reserve or register new direct .au domain names. These are described by the Australian Government such as new “simple” options for web and email addresses.

What is a direct .au domain name?

Direct .au domain names are shorter because they omit the usual ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ extension before the ‘.au’ suffix. As your business already uses a, or domain name, it may be given priority to reserve the equivalent .au address as an additional domain name.

How to reserve a direct .au domain name for your business?

There are several eligibility criteria for reserving a .au domain name and specific approaches to resolving any priority conflicts in the allocation process. In general though, the booking process is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter your existing, or domain name on the .to the direct booking page.
  2. You will receive an email with a unique reservation code, to the registered email address of the registered contact person of your existing domain. Enter the unique code on the reservation web page. Your booking confirmation and .au direct priority status will be displayed.
  3. If your reservation status is not a priority, then the .au domain authority (auDA) the disputed name process will be used to eliminate priority conflicts.

What is the deadline to reserve an eligible direct .au domain name?

Whether you want to claim it as your own or simply prevent an unscrupulous “point competitor” from doing so, you should consider reserving the .au direct domain name for your business before the end of the reservation period on September 20, 2022.

After September 20, and subject to priority conflict resolution, you will be able to register the .au direct domain name for your business and choose whether to start using it.


auDA states that all unclaimed .au direct names will be “released from priority” from 4 October 2022 and available for public registration after that date.

So if you don’t register the direct .au match of your business domain name soon, there’s a real possibility that a third party could claim it. In this situation, it could be difficult – even costly – to regain control of this key brand asset in the future.