Apollo Brokers Acquires Limit.com and Changes Its Name – Domain Name Wire

The company takes the name of Limit and acquires the domain name limit.com.

A company moved from clara.cc to clara.com.

Insurtech Apollo Brokers has undergone a significant name change just two years after its launch.

The San Francisco-based startup has built a digital brokerage platform that provides quotes for various business insurance products, including cyber insurance, tech errors and omissions insurance, and other error insurance packages. and miscellaneous omissions.

Rather than providing insurance products directly to end users, Apollo Brokers has built a wholesale platform, offering its data and insurance quotes to cybersecurity insurance providers.

Apollo Brokers recently announced a $14.3 million venture funding round, and the company has now followed that up with a phenomenal brand upgrade.

Apollo Brokers is now Limit. A announcement by the company gave some insight into why it switched to the Limit name,

We spent many hours trying to find the right brand identity for ourselves. Ultimately, the word Limit stands out not only because it represents a fundamental concept in insurance, but also because the products we sell and the services we provide limit all risks and costs in many forms.

With a name change came a domain name change; Apollo Brokers moved from ApolloBrokers.com to Limit.com. Limit acquired the domain portfolio name from Brent Oxley in a deal brokered by Lumis.

In an email, Oxley confirmed the deal to me, revealing that the domain had been sold on a payment plan in July. Oxley couldn’t share more details about the sale, but an Archive.org capture from February 2022 shows Limit.com was available for sale on Oxley.com, Oxley’s own marketplace, with a value of minimum bid of $300,000. This may be indicative of Oxley’s expectations for the field. Oxley bought Limit.com in December 2020 for $120,000 in a deal facilitated by Sedo.

As Apollo Brokers, the company’s leeway to improve its domain name and digital presence was limited. Publicly-listed asset management firm Apollo is firmly entrenched in the Apollo.com domain name, while a move to an alternative extension would have been a sideways move at best.

The acquisition of Limit.com reflects the company’s long-term ambition to build a sustainable, leading platform trusted by insurers across the United States. With the combination of its domain name and new brand name, Limit also has the ability to pivot or start offering other services, which may have been difficult to achieve as Apollo Brokers. .