Adams Residents Denounce Eminent Use of Estate – Butler Eagle

Frederick “Fritz” Bielo speaks at an Adams Township meeting on Monday. The Breakneck Creek Regional Authority plans to acquire a portion of Bielo farmland through eminent domain. Julia Maruca / Butler Eagle

ADAMS TWP – A number of Adams Township residents spoke out against an eminent domain acquisition by the Breakneck Creek Regional Authority at the township’s board of supervisors meeting Monday night.

The authority had previously contacted Adams landowner Frederick “Fritz” Bielo, who owns an 85-acre farm at the intersection of Myoma and Peters roads, to advise that they would be using eminent domain to take a piece of his land measuring 1,200 feet long and 20 feet wide in order to place a sewer line.

According to Tom King, attorney for the Breakneck Creek Regional Authority, the sewer line, which will serve the Franklin Acres development in neighboring Cranberry Township, cannot bypass the property due to the geography where the line must be placed.

“Our concern is that Breakneck will take some of our property away from us through eminent domain,” said Susan Bielo, Fritz’s wife. “We tried to work with them, offered them alternatives, but they chose to just take the property.”

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