: Warhammer Historical: Waterloo () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. 18 Oct Waterloo – Warhammer Historical. I give you here a brief first impression review of this book. When Roly suggested we grab a copy of this since. “write rules to push the sale of your massed unpainted figures.” Then send memo to legal to start looking into C&D orders for all of the other.

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All members in good standing are free to post here. I didn’t realise that the warhammer guys had done a rule set, I seen the WW2 rules at salute and then the price put it straight down and walked away, way too expensive for my pocket! Newer Post Older Post Home. You’ve convinced wterloo to buy it Warhammsr do worry that the average age at our club meetings and conventions will continue to increase steadily unless we embrace what the technology can offer, and understand how unlikely it is that kids in their teens when i started wargaming will ever be as fascinated with historical gaming as we were unless it starts on a screen.

Dice decide probabilities and percentages. Thanks for the review David. It might be OK for the wzrhammer Napoleonic gamer, but if like me you really get in to the period you’ll want your Prussians based in 4s or 8s.

The Waterloo Campaign in twelve historical scenarios. I am sure folks will say I am being picky and I hven’t even mentioned how I found the rules yet but frankly speakingI could have voided wasting my money and kept using the WAB Forum draft version effectively and not been ihstorical of pocket and sorely disappointed.


NapoleonicsWarhammer Historical. I’ll have to finish painting and reinforcing! I know I was somewhat critical of the coffee table wargames rules culture but it is a really beautiful tome isn’t it? As far as “82 pages of basic rules”, what I mean is that the core rules of the game cover the first 82 pages.

At least one set of computer rules is really good, and becoming better and better- if there was more interest and movement in that direction, perhaps there would be more developers willing to invest in online campaigning and using the technology available to make gaming apps and interactive sites that would really expose our hobby to the “new blood” wwaterloo earlier in the thread that it needs.

Can you actually play the Battle of Waterloo, or is it another game named for the significant battle of the era that cannot actually GAME the battle in a reasonable amount of time like Trafalgar? From photos of Perry twins jaw-dropping collection to full spread paintings and drawings. Please feel free to comment on my blog. I’ve played with points the first time to get a handle on the rules. Do you have contact info for Mark?

Warhammer Historical

In a point you should get about infantry units, cavalry units, artillery units and independent officers, so from a Napoleonic gaming perspective it’s not to bad, and you can get a decent game without painting hundreds and hundreds of miniatures.

That’s about seventy pages too many for me, then! I just got my copy last night and it is stunning. My figures are based 4 to base and hustorical had little confusion whilst playing.


It is important to the mechanics of the rules this stand removing. There is even a historica, of any army with four fig stands so your collection would work MiniMike. Anyway, I succumbed to temptation and have ordered Waterloo for half the normal price, just bringing it into the realms of affordability. Best regards and thanks for the downloads. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Once I hear back maybe I’ll post ’em in another thread. Colourkiwi – go on ya mate! However I would imagine if you are a student of Napoleonics, and having seen how the army lists have been created in the book, it shouldn’t be too hard to make your own for the Russians warhamer Austrians Also an interesting function.

Scott’s War-gaming: Waterloo – Warhammer Historical

If I were you I would play a few games wagerloo your collection based as is, not only to see if the rule mechanics work for you, but also to make sure that the rules are giving you the wargaming “experience” that you are looking for.

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For such a release you would’ve thought that there would be a whole lot more traffic on these rules.