21 Oct The handbook is a subjective assessment of the Vampire Counts army, meant to help newcomers to the game. Our ratings are based on years. A fan made vampire counts army book for 8th edition warhammer fantacy battles. this is a “living document”. if you have any ideas please comment and send. Warhammer Armies – Vampire Counts (8th edition).pdf – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Next turn the vampire will kill the dragon and the extra generated hits will start going into the Chaos Lord. Some pro-level players even use them as a deathstar, taking Blood Knights, loading them up with blender Vampires, a Battle Standard and key Magic 8ty then keeping the ensuing mess of fangs, lances and hellfire-eyed horses riding down any and everything in sight.

These tactics also mean the Coven Throne is ideal for weakening and breaking Steadfast and Stubborn units. Infamous for being six-diced usually to get the larger template cast with Irresistible ForcePurple Sun absolutely devours regiments.

Editionn I didn’t like how different units would worship different gods just because of what buff it gives their weapons.

But let us look at what you are asking to do. Its short range makes it difficult to use without getting engaged in combat.

So long as the units last you can keep a chaos lord or axalted champion too tough to handle most will be in a perpetual loop. Vampire Powers Master of the Black Arts: If you’re paying to swap his poisoned attacks for extra attacks or strength as he loses those Poisoned Attacks as they do not apply to magic weapons, and it’s stated in the core rulebook a character with a magic weapon MUST use it. The mini-blenders so far have worked really nicely, adding a good amount of extra punch to my frontline across a wider front than a single vampire lord blender.


8th Edition Vampire Counts Tactics and Batrep – Forum – DakkaDakka

Also, Bat swarms should be counfs I think. Forget it on the Wight King. Talisman of Protection is alright when used in conjunction with other defenses or you are putting most of your points in offensive items.

Vapire of Swiftness is best vampre with Skeleton Warriors or Black Knights, adding extra mobility to our army. Plus, a Vampire with either of those options can still join units.

Be warned, your own troops have coints Initiative as well, and once the unit’s wiped out they’re not coming back except for Zombies. In these few cases, this power has some limited value.

If used properly, Vargheists tear through an enemy unit and easily overrun into the next one. Besides it is well known that the Vampire lord is first equal place for generic combat lords in Warhammer, but the other title holder on the stand is the Chaos Lord, and the Chaos Lord has the advantage that it doesn’t matter so much if he dies.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts 8th Edition

Dragonhelm also gives a point of armor save and still allows the character to take a great weapon or an additional hand weapon. The Black Periapt offers a number of tricks for manipulating your power and dispel pools during the magic phase.


Joined Nov 26, Messages 4, So why in ever take them? This spell is our least useful.

Suddenly you increase the enemies chance of failing a test radically. The lore is so integral to a Vampire Counts army that having a decent grasp of it is good before delving into Death or Shadow. Sun King and Najo: Talisman of Endurance — In most circumstances, you should go the extra 15 points and take Talisman of Preservation instead. Even certain units are a problem. Make sure your army doesn’t crumble before your eyes because one necromancer decided to miscast or get into combat.

This power works best on hero Vampires that are in the same unit as your Vampire Lord, since their Leadership is lower and can benefit from this power without any downside. Regis Von Carstein said: Yes they will lose, but if you have enough of them they will stick around, and most importantly you can have a rough guess as to how long based on rate of collapse, normal infantry doesn’t give you that certainty.

Grants Magic Resistance 1. Also, since a good opponent can counter this weapon by spreading their characters out, means Sword of Anti-heroes is increasingly unreliable edigion more experienced your opponent is.