Learn how to evoke and communicate with 50 spirit entities and make use of their abilities, when you get Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos. Evoking spirits is. escaped his lips as a whisper, and he continued calling the Mars spirit out loud. . cian summoning them for the first time has little idea of what to expect. So to. Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He carefully opened the old diary to the section marked “Conjuration,” and began to read by the red light of the filtered lamp on the altar.

Summoning Spirits : Konstantinos :

Today several magical groups use esoteric techniques the Golden Dawn once employed, and several Golden Dawn Temples thrive across the world. The best times are either before going to sleep or right after waking in the morning, as you are in a calm state of mind in both instances. Make sure you have a pen or pencil and your magical notebook handy before you go any further, so you can record your results when you are finished with the exercise.

Faust meditates on the symbol of the spirit in a book and utters an impromptu conjuration, which causes the spirit to appear. Just ignore them and concentrate on your new vision.

The works of Franz Bardon, the brilliant occultist, rekindled my interest in magical evocation. Kether and Uranus represent intense mental energies, and as a consequence, the entities of these realms possess great intellectual abilities, which they car help a magician develop.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Bring your hands up to the sides of your head and point both konstantinoss fingers forward if using a dagger, make sure it is pointing in the same direction as your pointer fingers. As we have seen, the Faust legends are partially responsible for both causing and dispelling misconceptions about evocation.


See him as a towering figure dressed in blue and orange robes the colors of Water.

Once you feel you can concentrate on one idea for five or six minutes, without interruption, you are ready for the next set of exercises. The rabbi heard what was going on and tried to stop the golem.

The fact that people read these books and tried to contact the beings within ties real. Destruction, death, and limitation are the forces the entities of this realm oversee, and contrary to popular misconception, they are not negative forces. They could prove important. Many occult training systems present this problem to the novice and, as a result, many students give up.

After vibrating the name, visualize this archangel of Earth in robes of citrine, olive, russet, and black the colors of Earth. Alex Alexu rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Try a new dummoning each week, keeping accurate accounts of each visit in your diary.

If you have heart problems, just breath rhythmically without holding your breath.

For now, these symbols can be traced using your pointer finger. Entities from this sphere are extremely knowledgeable about the many forms of energy in the universe, and can pass this information on to the magician. After spending about five or six minutes trying to maintain an image of your chosen object, imagine the curtains closing before you, and immediately perform the following exercise.

Summoning Spirits : The Art of Magical Evocation

Learning the corresponding names of each Tattwa is important before trying to skry. These gentle spirits can help a magician with relationships of all kinds and can help him or her solve all kinds of discord among loved ones.

Following is the process for developing concentration. Once you visualize this, feel yourself moving through this symbol in a spirit body. While Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus presents evocation and magic in an evil light, Goethe’s Faust goes a long way in dispelling the teachings of the Church that say all occult practice has to be evil.


After obtaining success in the above steps, spend a few weeks traveling around the astral counterpart to the physical plane see Chapter 6 for an explanation of the nature of planes. In time, fewer and fewer distracting thoughts will invade your concentration. Konstantinosis a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. Whether you need help to face life’s challenges or to work a minor miracle, you will find the art of magical evocation a tremendously potent tool for change.

Practical Candle Burning Raymond Buckland.

Unlike the latter, group egregores work with an energy current. The fact that many people get their ideas of what magic and occultism summpning from fiction explains why so many people are misinformed about real magic.

An oil lamp is perfect, as you can control its brightness by turning a knob. When you accomplish this, you have formulated a body of light that you can astrally travel in.

Other editions – View all Summoning Spirits: Sit down again and practice the first exercise in this set. I got up, thanked him for our chat, and walked toward the door to leave. The Enochian language is so powerful that oonstantinos the names backward ensured one of the entities wouldn’t show up uninvited. The Book of the Law Aleister Crowley. While some of them were simply meant to be a waste of time, most of them were created to deter someone from ever trying an evocation in the first place.

This book doesn’t even begin to cover summoning spirigs the Astral until page there are only pages spirlts.