Buddha, Blessed, Buddhism, Buddhist Monk, Diary Book. Maverick . Morning Gongyo along with five prayers used in Soka Gakkai or SGI, Nichiren Buddhism. The portions of the “Expedient Means” and “Life Span” Chapters of the Lotus Sutra recited in the practice of gongyo. The Sutra Book includes an Introduction. enter your site description here.

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I got tired of going to all those meetings miles and miles away, and certainly it may have helped me to get out of bed gonngyo Sunday mornings, but I wonder sometimes who made half the shit up. I have several degrees and have studied a host of different religions.

At the worst time of my life those who wished to protect their own positions gojgyo turned their backs and by example encouraged others to do so also. I have a great many positive experiences in SGI…such as a whole different perspective and attitude towards my marriage…creating s much more positive outcome….

SGI, is an organization made up of people humansas like any other religion or philosophical developed institution. And my life has changed because ive cut out abusers. I offer praise and deep gratitude to his true disciple, the second high priest, Byakuren Ajari Nikko Shonin, the great leader of the propagation of true Buddhism, who received its pure lineage directly from Nichiren Daishonin.

I pray sig my deceased relatives and for all those who have passed away to I pray for my deceased relatives, fellow membersfriends, and all those who have passed away And be sure to gonfyo up the “mentor” worship: Fault and blame are explosive words, so I want to explain.

Gongyo Book

Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to resonate and bring forth the truth and greatness of our life and its realtionship to our own unique realities. I feel that some people can have a bad experience with the membership being too pushy. I will definitely be chanting for you in my morning session. I joined the SGI in and quit in The Jim Jones story suddenly popped into my head. Mu no sek komo. There will be an absolute zero-tolerance for trolling, bullying, name-calling or insulting others.


Total transformation and continuous growth comes from not just chanting, but from the combined three-chant, practice, study. You thought I was a nice, compassionate guy? Nichiren came to believe that he was living in a degraded age, an age of mappo very similar to the English term “end times” where Buddha’s teachings were misinterpreted and as a consequence many bad things gonngyo happening.

We of the SGi fight for life as we are and we will always continue our mission, our vow as Bodhisattvas of the Earth. Not my problema, guys. Rizal International Peace Award [82] Philippines: The other issue I had was the total and gonygo adoration towards Ikeda. Is there a way for me to talk to you directly?

BBC – Religions – Buddhism: Nichiren Buddhism

I know for me personally, that would go a long way in believing it may be a cult. This cult organization brainwashing people that had life problems in order to claim more sggi and collect May contributions! I was a member for five years, but left four years ago.

The SGI could attract more members if it was more open about its activities, its aims and how it planned to get there. The true practice of Buddhism is one than anyone can engage in. A bodhisattva, by the way, is someone who has achieved enlightenment but opts to return to the world to help others achieve enlightenment. I have been watching this happening with some one very very close who is part of SGI and behaves like a zombie in real life… Due to this, there is no time left with the person for the family which is almost at verge of breaking up due all this.

She was pretty much cult-proof and was able to leave. Nyo I zen hoben. I met some amazing people in the SGI many of whom I am still friends with today even although I do not attend the meetings regularly, but I am tired of the mantra that we have to travel, when in fact they could just send an email and be more open about things.

If you’re under 18, we’ll be happy to chat with you, but please understand that our ability to assist you will be limited. Plants, candles, paintings, rugs, furniture, everything has to be in the ideal place to enjoy the full benefit of each thing.


It’s called assiduous practice for a reason – if we were to just chop it short, well, that would be laziness, disrespect, anything but assiduous practice. Once I said so to a member who live far from my town. I would distance myself from those people but not give up my practice and not decide that the organization is a cult based on negative interactions with some members.

I would pray with her. Those who practice it believe that the chant is “an influence at work in the metaphysical economy” and actually changes the force and action of karma. We were all local. My mom ran into an old friend and decided to give it a shot. I have a strong belief that everything you encounter in life has a significant meeting for whatever it is your life purpose is!!


Submit a new link. Jenni December 8, at 5: The student body was primarily Japanese students from SGI families abroad. Sgo wish you well and please let us know what you found that has made you happier….

Ultimately for me, the group was too closely knit for the lifestyle I lead so I chose to move on. Booj Jude November 30, at 3: They have, no doubt heard all of the reasons why they should join or stay, this sub is to show them the other side of the coin as perceived through the experiences of the originators of it. Please embrace your inner Buddha nature, as everyone attains it from deep within. Ze sho zai shujo. Having doubts I decided to chant a minimum of 3 hours per day so that I could say I gave it an honest try.

The content itself wasn’t changed, only translated. They just do whatever they want.