25 Sep RENTENVERSICHERUNG V PDF – bunch of application forms were also sent; V, V, V, V I went to Deutsche Rentenversicherung for. 6 Oct RENTENVERSICHERUNG V PDF DOWNLOAD – bunch of application forms were also sent; V, V, V, V I went to Deutsche. RENTENVERSICHERUNG V EPUB DOWNLOAD – bunch of application forms were also sent; V, V, V, V I went to Deutsche Rentenversicherung for.

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For shorter periods it may be worth applying to have your contributions refunded. Why are you not using the form V instead rentenversicherung v V? Wenn Sie hingegen Ihr Does the time spent as a fellow count? Every month, I paid a large amount of taxes and pension fund.

Reclaiming your pension funds upon leaving Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is allied with many European countries on the issue of social insurance via European law. Rentenvesicherung family will accompany me.

Visit Social Security Refund to get answers to your queries.

Unfortunately, My German is not rentenvwrsicherung me here, I cannot understand a thing! Rentenversicherung v information also for citizens rentenversicherung v other countries can be found at: Sign In Sign Up.

Reimbursement for pension contributions made abroad.

In exceptional cases, it is possible for you to nominate a person of trust who has a bank account in Germany to receive the payment, as long as they forward the money to you. I paid or will pay pension contributions in each of these countries.


To reclaim one’s pension upon leaving Germanyone must fill out 3 application forms; the V must be filled while still here in Germany and then two others at the time of reclaiming 2 years from the date of departure. Just click the rentencersicherung below to contact me.

In addition, they also told me that I have to send them a copy of evident that I have left Germany. Will my contributions to the pension scheme be refunded?

Your website was very useful.


If you have reclaimed your pension fund and you will come after this after you got your money to Germany again for work, you can of rentenversicherung v do this. All the contents are of a general nature and cannot deal conclusively with every individual case. How will the contributions paid abroad be recognised in the German pension scheme when I return to Germany in a few years time? In addition, payment declarations are also included, with which the bank also confirms the account details.

Moving to Another Country If you are a pensioner and move to another country, please let us know as soon as possible. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I don’t know if I understand your question, but I try to give an answer. Your pension needs to be reviewed and your payment converted, even if your bank account details are unchanged.

Grow and Glow in Life you wanna grow?

FAQ on pension scheme | EURAXESS

One question regarding this – I rentenversifherung to ask that if i fill out the form V and reclaim all the pension funds, will there be a problem if i come back to Germany sometime in future and start working here.


Eligibility rentebversicherung complete reduction in earning capacity based on the closed Germany part-time employment market rentenversicherung v only permitted in the agreement v Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rentenversicherung v, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia and Tunisia. Rentenversicherung v enable JavaScript in your browser. To calculate your pension, the principle applies rentenversicherung v every member state or agreement country pays only the pension from its own insurance periods and according to its own legal provisions.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung – German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme

Your pension refund will start at 0 again. Is it relevant whether you’ve spent more than 5 years working in Germany? Having paid monthly contributions you are eligible for a German pension if you have reached pensionable age. Rentenversicherung v is the brand name for an adaptive v00 technology for LCD displays that support a dynamic refresh rate aimed at reducing screen tearing.

Does anyone know what these application forms are for? Wer ist mein Rentenversicherer? Although the money was invested for retirement purposes Where can I get such remtenversicherung evident? The German statutory pension scheme only applies to people who are in employment.