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Pentaho Tutorial

The Welcome page provides you with the option to start creating a new report with the Report Design Wizard or to start with an empty report. In the dialog that opens up, enter the group name “Product Line Group”. The bottom of the page is occupied by the page footer area. When you first install the Report Designer, the following dialogue box appears prompting you to enable the version checker:. You can now drag the right hand border of the element to the right to increase the width of the element.

Click the version you want, then click Update to begin downloading. Move the two elements more downwards.

In this case, hover over the label and a tool tip displays the text. Then select the number field, and set penfaho property to “Count”. The Welcome page also provides access to sample reports and recently opened reports. Databases are highly optimized products that can employ advanced techniques like indexes and smart sort algorithms to produce sorted results as fast as possible.

In the centre of the workspace a large white area represents the main working area where you build a report. Once you selected that ;entaho and click on the OK button, the function will be added to the report. So let’s add a touch of colour and lets make the heading stand out more.


You can then print the tutorisl result or you can use the calculated function result in other calculations. Features rotating wheels, working streering, opening doors and trunk.

If left empty, the aggregation will use the current group. The sample reports that ship with Pentaho Reporting use the “steel-wheels” dataset. The simple mode allows you to print the summary information, but does not allow you to use that information in other formulas or functions. Hood, doors and trunk all open to reveal highly detailed interior features. The catalogue also needs a cover page rpeort a back page with ordering informations.

SQL is a data query language for databases. Drag the function into the report’s page-footer. Deslgner enabling the Notify me when desugner development releases are available option, you receive update notification when there are development releases. If you aggregate the contents of a field for sum, min, max and averageyou need to specify the field in the “field” attribute of the element. The data for the report can be obtained with a SQL query. This icon is at the same spot as the preview icon.

Pentaho Tutorial

The report must list the product properties name, code, scale, description, stock and prices. Pentaho Reporting User Manual. The connection is shared between all queries. The final query will look like this:. Precision-engineered from original Jaguar specification in perfect scale ratio.


For now, let us concentrate on the simple method and lets add a count of items to the group footer. The operating parts of this Chevy Corvette Limited Edition are particularly delicate due to their precise scale and require special care and attention. Drag a label and a number field into the group-footer. This picture shows the second page of the resulting report. With the limited sample data available, the catalogue only takes 3 pages to print. In the dialog that opens up, select the Page-of-Pages function from the “Common Functions” group.

With groups you can keep similar items together and allows you to visually separate these items from other groups of items. The reporting engine generates Page numbers using a report function.

Functions behave like fields from a data source. So the reporting engine prints as many detail bands as there are rows in the data-source’s result table.

When you have to move elements around, select them first with a single mouse click. Pentaho Reporting offers a large number of styling options for your elements. To make it easier for our customers to find the products within the catalogue, the items should be grouped by product line and sorted by their name.