Read the latest articles of Metal Finishing at , Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. The file name refers to the reference number, the AP42 chapter and section. The file name. “ref02_c01spdf” would mean the reference is from AP42 chapter 1. 4 Jan The new Metal Finishing Guidebook is available as a free pdf download (86 MB – pages) at this link. Click on the link, wait a few seconds.

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Metal Finishing Guidebook Directory – Google Books

Until recently, there was an online copy available on metalfinishing. I actually downloaded it twice.

Printer friendly copy of C. It took a long time to upload it to Dropbox and I assume the download will also be slow.

Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published sinceextracted from Scopus. I’ve read some of your previous posts about this book and wished I could get a copy. The analysis section no longer gives exact methods and only generalizes about what equipment is used, etc.

Table of Contents varies slightly from year to year as older articles are gradually replaced. I’m from Spain and I work in a metal company. If they think you’re in the industry, you’ll likely get approved. The stingy man pays the most.

  LMD18245T PDF

Metal Finishing Guidebook and Directory – Gold Refining

I could tell the exact process on how I make it guidehook only if an administrator permits me to do so as this involves fulminating gold an explosive and potassium cyanide a very deadly substance.

Can you do a screen shot of that page? Might want to re-read it. Hoke’s Refining Precious Metal Wastes. Despite what it lacks from the previous issues you have, it still looks like an incredible collection of information on a vast range of subjects.

It’s the first time I did this and it took forever to figure out how to do it. I hit the link a second time and got the same ghidebook.

Could you please send me the web address of Metal Finishing Guide Book which I had read on line but now I could not get it. Click in that finishingg. Not to mention that old editions all have an index but many newer issues don’t: Please give me the on line address.

Metal Finishing

Board index All times are UTC All this is in the copy I have. Author Post time Subject Direction: I hope to find something to use as a reference throughout my career. So much of this can be applied to what we do, it’s greatly appreciated sir It is a big download – took about 5 minutes with my DSL connection but well worth it!


The analysis file is 9 MB.

Metal Finishing Guide Book — How to Get It?

I am looking for a book or website that covers a general survey of metal finishes finishlng focus with pros and cons. One final thing that bears mentioning is that older issues tended to have formulas and operating conditions, and newer issues have increasingly migrated towards proprietaries, so some newer articles are often more pap than substance.

For example, starting on page is a chapter on stripping metallic coatings from various substrates. I don’t know enough about Powder Coating I have been told it is only good for interior pieceswhich has been offered to me at a good deal. Metal Finishing magazine A digital version of the Metal Finishing Guidebook is included with your subscription, and is very well done. I highly recommend it.