Discusses Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan as a philosophical story of solitude, mysticism, and understanding. 15 Apr Memorial lecture delivered each year. This year we are publishing the lecture “ Ibn Tufayl’s Philosophical Novel Hayy b. Yaqzan and the Quest. Hayy Ibn Yaqzan would probably have never seen the light had its author not been the special prottgt of this same prince. The historical records that survive tell .

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He also noticed that he was naked, that his genitals and other organs were open and exposed unlike the other animals, who had theirs well protected.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The magazine in which he began to publish articles and essays in had an extensive summary of “Philosophus Autodidactus. He concluded that the thing that had abandoned it before its own house came to ruin, would yawzan return now that the body was mangled as it was.

Hayy in this story, is a weed. Absal believes that the truth must be reached in isolation and asceticism, yaqzaj Salaman believes that it is in cities and communal gatherings they are to be found. With great diligence, he pursued the questions his mind raised about the nature of life. Both Hayy and Absal refrain from their pursuit of sublimity hyy order to learn more about each other. There is no evidence that Ibn Tufayl saw this relativist suggestion as a logical corollary of his theory of the symbolic nature of revealed religion.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. What makes the book in meaningful for the western reader is the interpreter’s style, his introduction, Biography of Ibn Tufyl, and his thorough notes to clarify the text.

And he says that his predecessor, Ibn-Bajja, while impressive, was not a mind of the same caliber of the other two, but still had a lot to be learned from. Hayy was distinguishing between the being that had been his mother and the body she occupied.


Ibn Tufayl contrasts these two aspects of Islam through the characters of Absal and his friend Salaman. Society, he concludes, is a catalog of passions, worldliness, arrogance, stubbornness and ignorance. Sure enough, it was protected, as yxqzan arrived on the island safely.

We return to the opposite island from the first of the two birth stories. Hayy attempts to bring yazqan rational understanding of things to the people on Absal’s island. In his search for causes, Hayy postulated that there must be some Cause of all causes.

For them, no interpretation was the best interpretation. Soon Hayy discovered the physical differences between himself and the animals. Tufayp then began to contemplate the heavens, and the bodies that were there. F rom its earliest centuries, Islamic philosophy engaged ancient Greek thought in the form of Plato and Aristotle.

‘Hayy ibn Yaqdhan’ and the European Enlightenment

The cave retains this image of inner exploration and enlightenment in the Far East, linked, perhaps, to geography. In the modern Arab world, Hayy ibn Yaqzan continues to be reprinted frequently and to occupy a place in popular imagination through paintings, films, and television specials.

The final part of the quotation is from the Quran Hayy makes a sincere effort but is rejected by Absal’s friends. In eleventh-century southern Spain, Arabic philosophers achieved a thriving intellectual center in the cultural milieu of al-Andalus Andalusia.

Hayy and Absal return to the deserted island, again achieve states of spiritual ecstasy, and so serve God until death overtakes them.

Home Arts Culture magazines Hayy ibn Yaqzan. But Salaman preferred being ibj people and gave greater weight to the sayings of the Law in favor of society, since he was by nature chary of too much independent thinking or doing.

‘Hayy ibn Yaqdhan’ and the European Enlightenment – İbrahim Kalın – Daily Sabah

His many books include The Case of the Animals vs. Contingent existence cannot arise unless it is made necessary by a cause.


The third type of likeness contrasts to the two other types, to the inanimate and animate beings on earth. The tale was first published in the West in by Edward Pococke with an introduction by his father, a renowned professor of Arabic and Hebrew at Oxford University. Ultimately the world of the senses melts away, even self-consciousness and identity, such that all that remains is the One, the True Being. A Lockean would be thrilled with this outcome as it confirms Locke’s concept of the mind as a tabula rasa.

He makes his own shoes and clothes from the skins of the animal, studies the stars, till he reaches a higher level of knowledge of the finest of astrologist.

Hayy ibn Yaqzan |

It is not surprising to find out that this aspect of Hayy’s story appealed to Quakers who put personal experience of truth over clerical authority. Spirituality married with science The Orthodox Life It is not enough to have Orthodox beliefs. He will conclude that, at the basis of the creation of the universe, a great creator must exist.

He alone could use tools to clothe and protect himself. As a philosopher, doctor and public figure with connections to Sufism, Ibn Tufayl holds that the right use of reason untainted by desire and greed leads to the discovery of natural and religious truths because the source of all existence and knowledge whether of humanity or nature is one and the same. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.