HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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In higher education the committee gave importance to producing learned, liberal and suitable individuals capable of undertaking responsibilities.

Notes for UPSC: Hartog Committee

hartgo His keen and helpful interest was maintained until his last working days. All these things created a difficult situation for the progress of education. Service condition of teachers. A brief history of the college and description of its various departments.

The education of the jartog at the primary level should be gradually made compulsory. By responding to the dissatisfaction felt by the Indian people about the Government of India Act ofthe Simon Commission was appointed on November 8,to inquire into the working of the administration under the Government of India Act, Calcutta University Commission, The report of the Hartog Committee holds a unique position in the history of Indian education.

Philip Hartog

Recommendations on Primary Education. In came his influential “Writing of English”, attacking the school “essay. As a result of the report of the Hartog Committee the quality of primary education improved but the quantitative expansion suffered badly.

So it suggested for the introduction of diversified course in middle schools meeting the requirements of majority of students. We know that commmittee essence of Hartog committee was commigtee importance on qualitative improvement of primary education and not on the quantitative expansion.

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The Committee recommended that salaries and service conditions of the teachers should be improved so as to attract really capable persons into the job.

Therefore there was a rush towards higher education. Children had to help their parents in agriculture and the parents found that if they sent their children to schools, their work would suffer.

They could intervene even in the transfer of teachers. In order to remove the defects of the system of secondary education the committee made the following recommendations— Diverting Pupils to Non-Literacy Pursuits: Most of the recommendations remained mere pious hopes. It expressed the opinion that the universities had failed to meet the needs of the people. Finance was kept back as a reserved subject.

The Committee pointed out the following special difficulties in the path of progress of primary education— The Committee realised that the majority of the Indian population reside in villages. There were certain schools that did not hold their sessions regularly. Hartpg this time as agitation against the Government was going on, it was felt necessary to give due importance to education in India.

The condition of women education was deplorable. The Hartog committee had concentrated its attention more on primary and secondary education and less on university education. Primary education should be made compulsory, but there should be no hurry about it. An Evaluation of the Recommendations 9. What are the defects of secondary education? But the general people of the country were asking for quantitative expansion.

So the recommendations of commjttee committee aroused hrtog reaction. In the latter year, he was appointed Academic Registrar to the University of Londonand held that office with great efficiency for 17 years. But the universities have failed to produce leaders of society both from the qualitative and quantitative points of view.

Many schools recruit teachers for nine months only and thus avoiding the payment of vocation salaries and increments. Since hartgo was the chairman of the Committee, the Committee was known as Hartog Committee. Giving importance on developing the libraries of the universities was one of the important recommendations of the commission. This reform brought diarchy in the system of administration in India.

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A spirit of love for education was developed in all sections of the people. The report of the Committee holds a unique position in the history of Indian education. Write comkittee notes on: Without finances harrtog could not proceed. Qualitative development should be made instead of increasing the number of primary schools. It is necessary for us to cmomittee what these changes were and how they influenced the political and educational aspects of the country.

Thus Montford reform did not help the development of education in the country. Retrieved December 2, It made recommendations in regard to primary secondary, higher and also some other aspects of education.

However, little was done upto to develop primary education. The defects of the University education as pointed out by the Committee were: The suggestions made by the committee were the establishment of affiliated universities alongwith unitary universities, a university should appoint teachers in the affiliated colleges, honours commigtee should be of more advanced in nature, employment bureau should be opened in the universities, admission to the universities should ccommittee restricted, the condition of the library should be improved and departmental examinations should be held to recruit graduates in administrative services.