1 Nov Handleiding Apple iPhone 4S pagina 1 van Nederlands. – Bekijk en download hier de handleiding van Apple iPhone 4S Smartphone. iPhone 4S Smartphone pagina 2 van 2 Nederlands Ook voor ondersteuning en handleiding per email. APPLE IPHONE USER MANUAL Pdf Download. July 7th . 1 nov De Apple iPhone 4S handleiding iPhone 7 Plus met Naast de specifieke handleiding in het Nederlands voor de iPhone 4s is er ook de. iPhone.

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It’s your Mom’s fault.


Lifted up the metal plate thing after taking out the ground piece and putting it aside. But I’m wondering about the new antenna configuration. Ian – 4.

If you did this it is still possible to remove the battery. I twisted and pulled. The screws went flying everywhere and fell on the floor. Colin Murdoch – Antwoord.

Rests of soft glue could be scratched off the place – so the ring was already off and I looked for it everywhere.

Just start at the bottom and pry gently You have to be careful not to turn it too much though because this hooked piece is right beside a ribbon that could be damaged. Is there anybody who could help me out with my problem? There’s only one Philips screwdriver with the kit but it failed to unscrew the top 1. If Siri has an address, this is it. Handleiding voor de Samsung Galaxy S4. Removing the screw first makes the PCB move up too much when you’re trying to detach the wifi flex and can lead to mishaps.


iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement – iFixit Reparatiehandleiding

Simon Fransson – I swapped out the battery today. Yes, there did seem to be a lot of glue holding my battery in. I just broke off the power button as well because I forgot to disconnect the cable. Peter Schoeman – Antwoord. With nedrelands help of our iPhone opening toolwe pop out the logic board.

iPhone 4S Logic Board Replacement

Inleiding Use this guide to replace your iPhone’s logic board. Step 26 cause me great pain as well. I believe the guide is correct, but be careful as the screws are not the same as the other 1. However, if you do take the retainer and the camera off, you should expect your repair to last a couple more hours.

I don’t know if it made it any faster first time to open my phone, so nothing to compare it to but I can say that my phone is charging for the first time in 6 months: Finally there was no cell connection only Wifi when I powered up so I simply powered down and up again and all is well in the world!


Download PDF Al/iphone 4s Operators Manual PDF

When disconnecting the battery make sure to use a plastic tool not a metal tool that could short out the battery. Thanks for your advice. This isnt worth doing. I know you think I’m crazy. Am I screwed here?

Has anyone tried with a and does it work better? Can somebody help me out and give me directions where they belong. As noted, the metal lip below the red 2.

Hello, I’ve got 2 parts of my iphone 4s that I don’t know where they belong. Peeled pretty much the whole battery out from the left side. Shut it off and when it rebooted it seemed to work. DO NOT remove the battery unless nederlancs necessary.