A) come B) comes C) don’t come D) goes Book 1 Part A 4 Elementary Test 3 _____ she _____ French? _____ _____ languages does she speak?. Score given as CEF level and in relation to main international English exams: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge. İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınavı-2 Gramer. İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınav Soruları 2 Gramer. Ad – Soyad. Email. Telefon. 1) She ______ a student. She’s a teacher.

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Are Does Do Do you want any ?

A due to B nonetheless C consequently D furthermore E besides. Is Does Do My father speak English fluently.

A while B before C even if D as soon as E nevertheless Patients should contact their physician …………. You use your grajer in the university exam.

Mike can play basketball, but he swim. They at the Eiffel Hotel. A most B the most C more D just as E the more. What do you do Sundays? A on B in C beyond D through E by. He is wearing interesting blue jacket. A as well as B just so C just as D as soon as E as yet too 4 Activists are those in a political movement who persist in taking active steps towards their objectives …….


She a shower gramdr morning.

İngilizce Karışık Çoktan Seçmeli Test

There are eggs in the basket. A as long as B in spite of C just as D because of E such as 13 Of all the drugs that have been prescribed so far, this is gamer. There must be an aircraft, a plan to divert it and hijackers willing to risk their lives and those ggramer innocents. Gtamer while B before C even if D as soon as E nevertheless. Are there tomatoes in the fridge? A due to B owing to C in order to D much as E till.

A too B himself C also D as well E thus. There may happen a fire. A unless B what C where D whether E much as 8- …………… a player advances into the chess game, …………. The president of Turkey in Ankara. He has got books in his bag.

TOEFL Gramer Testleri

A whether B in case C however D which E whatever ……………. Would you like to have milk?

A due to B owing to C in order to D much as E till 5- …………… he was charged with murder, he was protected by friends and did not return for hearing, …………… he would be prosecuted for political reasons. A as though B as if C although D in case E whenever Researchers are investigating prayers of others can heal. A will have been curbed B would have been curbed C has been curbed D will curb E will have to curbed.


Children play with matches. How much do you want?

TOEFL Gramer Testleri |

You listen to the teacher in the classroom. A such sleep-deprived that B both sleep-deprived and C more sleep-deprived than D so sleep-deprived that E too sleep-deprived to. A just B why C what D that E how. A unless B what C where D whether E much as. You wear a watch at school. My father is a civil servant and he go to work on holidays. E so did I. David the news on TV in the evenings. A as well as B just so C just as D as soon as E as yet too.

B Talk to an advisor about dropping the course. When the water began to rise in a serious way, my parents made plans …………. I like dog very much.

A also B too C as well D either E yet 7 Though he got other people to do research for him in the archives he ….

Can your brother dance well? He a new camera. A I also was. A other B another C the others D any E rather.