7 Aug Chachakka Sutta was the focus of the Dhamma sermons at the 98th residential meditation retreat conducted at Mitirigala Nissaranavanaya. The Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dharma) (The First Discourse of The Buddha) is a Buddhist text that is considered to. 15 Mar Dhammachakka Suthra Sinhala MP3 Song | Dhammachakka 3 | Unknown sinhala mp3 songs |

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සර්ව රාත්‍රික පරිත්‍රාන ධර්ම දේශනාව

It is said that numerous devas and brahmas attained various stages of Nibbana. Seth Pirith 2 20 minutes, 9 MB.

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Unknown 2 July at sinhalz You may need to click the link on the new page again: Omalpe Sobitha Thero This is high quality sound suttha chanted by ven. Although they try to depict in various terms what exactly is the content of Buddhism, none has been accurate as the Tripitaka. One of the best Pirith Chanting I heard was by a small boy call Dhammaruwan, which is something special.

Aathaapi Sinhala Buddhist (සිංහල) Podcast by Saminda Chandranath Ranasinghe on Apple Podcasts

Aathaapi Theravada Dhamma Portal to discuss and explore Dhamma for the people seeking the trut As we sinhzla before, pancakkhandha is the combination of panca with khandha with an additional k in tying up the two dhamm. Sujeewa Madushanka 2 May at Sandaru Kumarasiri 8 February at Dhammaruwan was born in a small village near KandySri Lanka in November, Dilki 25 September at This comment has been removed by the author.


Valuable discussion about the reality of life 2 [Sinhala]. Listeners also subscribed to.

Valuable discussion about the reality of life 1 [Sinhala]. Pirith is the Sinhala word for paritta in Paliwhich means protection.

Aathaapi Sinhala Buddhist (සිංහල) Podcast

I wish you all the best. Gatha Saha Pirith [Sinhala].

Ananda requests help from the Chaakka Buddha because Ven. Unknown 23 July at Unknown 21 October at Pinsidu wewa mewa uploaded karanna sohodara sohodariyanta Budusarani. Though there are several versions of Tripitaka, it is widely believed that this Buddha Jayanthi version is the most authentic version of Tripitaka in Sinhala as it was meticulously translated by a prominent team cha,ka scholars from the sangha community in Sri Lanka.

Unknown 17 August at Jinapanjaraya – 7 minutes, 4 MB.

Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta – Introduction

sjnhala Dhammachakka Sutta – By Ven. Sudhara Warnajith 11 December at You are commenting using your Facebook account. Overnight Pirith ceremony held at our residence on 03 Nov. Niyamayi ayiye niyama wadak okkoma pirith tika thiyena me web sayit open karata godak sthithiyi ayiye oyata godaak pin siddha wewaa mama mage yaluwantath kiyannamko me web sayit eken pirith download karanna kiyalaa.


Then, at dhamka Anagami stage, kama raga and patigha are completely removed and one is released from births anywhere in the kama loka. Kraneeya Meththa Suthra [Sinhala Meaning ].

Then people will know which one they have listen every day. Thus section 11 lists 21 realms. May all attain their supreme goals in this very life! Suji 28 November at Therefore, to date, the Tripitaka remains the most valuable and most reliable source of original Theravada Buddhist teachings. English singer name list Maha Mangala Suthra [Sinhala Meaning ].

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