30 Jun Now economist Dambisa Moyo has broadened out the canvas to set Nor does Moyo’s depiction of China as the winner which will take all in. Buy Winner Take All: China’s Race For Resources and What It Means For Us by Dambisa Moyo (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. 19 Jun David Blair demolishes Dambisa Moyo’s Winner Take All, a sloppy study of the Chinese economy.

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The next ambition was to double the size of the economy again by We will probably know quite soon whether China is a juggernaut ascending to superpowerdom or another Japan, condemned to endure long-term stagnation after an investment-fuelled boom. For instance, the book takes Takee increasing demand for food and land on which to grow it as an external issue whereas it stems in considerable part from the inadequacies of the country’s domestic agriculture wibner the policy priorities of successive governments.

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Winner Take All by Dambisa Moyo: review

Instead, this book clearly owes much to Google: An upward cycle in agricultural products may set in if China has a bad harvest and the government relaxes alp grain self-sufficiency policy. More from the web. Pursuing her Malthusian course, Moyo calls for co-ordinated international action in response. Aside from one paragraph on page 90, which describes a scene at an unnamed international conference, nothing in Winner Take All suggests that Moyo has travelled anywhere, seen anything for herself, or interviewed anyone.

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The links will take you to the Web site’s home page. C hina’s impact on the global economy since it embarked on the pursuit of growth through the market three decades ago has been a two-way street. Topics Politics books The Observer.


On present trends, China is set to surpass America and become the biggest economy on Earth by around But, for all Moyo’s insistence that a crisis is inevitable and that China qll be the only gainer, we are in uncertain territory here.

A collection of the best contributions and takw from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life.

Winner Take All

Instead, she barely mentions them: On the other hand, there is the story of China as the biggest buyer of raw materials on a worldwide scale, a resources-poor taek bent on headlong expansion which needs to be fuelled by supply from Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and neighbours such as Burma.

Now economist Dambisa Moyo has dsmbisa out the canvas to set China as the core element in her dire warning of a global race for resources as demand for everything from copper to corn outpaces supply.

Moyo bemuses with statements of aall obvious and bewilders with painful examples of mangled prose. Order Winner Take All Now. US could ‘be a socialist nation’. She lives in London, England. Such factors need to be considered for a fuller assessment of the role of a country in which the authorities often pursue self-defeating policies that have global implications.

Winner Take All by Dambisa Moyo: review – Telegraph

Equally, there is no discussion of how the large excess capacity of Chinese industry fuels purchases of hard commodities beyond what the country really needs. She marshals an intimidating array of evidence, though her insistence on the growing deficiencies of supply leads her to wave aside such developments as the effects of technology and exploration on energy resources, which have had a habit of confounding the doomsayers.

Winner Take All by Dambisa Moyo: Forecasting commodity movement is notoriously difficult given the number of factors involved in determining supply and demand. Visit her online at www. As with manufactured goods, China has to “go out” in part because of the weaknesses of domestic policies. It has built up big inventory stockpiles which enable it to act as the market price fixer and produce a whole subset of traders whose purchases may well be sold on world markets rather than ever going to the mainland.


The picture painted is bleak, and the possible impact of commodities markets on how we live is far-reaching, but our grasp of the details and the mega shifts in the commodity space remains blurred.

Show 25 25 50 All. Unfortunately, Dambisa Moyo has written nothing of the kind. Who is giving up their title to these precious resources? Friday 09 November Nor does she chart the use of new metals or the expansion of mining or increased yields reported from new strains of food seeds.

Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. By looking at the developing trends in our commodities markets, and recent geo-political shifts, she has revealed the true state of the contemporary world and the shape it will take over the coming decades.

Winner Take All – Dambisa Moyo – Hardcover

Moyo has a shaky grasp of some elementary concepts. On the one hand, there is the familiar story of how the world’s most populous nation and its second biggest economy has exported a stream of cheap manufactured goods with richer nations making up for the deficiencies of domestic demand in what is still moy a poor country.

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