RAVENING HORDES – CHAOS DWARFS. The new Orc & Goblins Armies book completely replaces the list in Ravening Hordes. However, dedicated Orc. /08/09 Subject: 8th Edition Chaos Dwarfs errata (ravening hordes) . [Up]. Grimstonefire Something we made over at Chaos Dwarfs Online. Ravening Hordes: Dwarfs out now! Updated 4/1 with . Perhaps the same as the Chaos Dwarf Tendirizer except only on the charge. Delete.

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Dwarves lose an entire phase of the game. Are Curin’s Cataphracts canon?

In addition, the Dwarf-Crafted rule doesn’t work in 9th edition so I would suggest replacing Dwarf Handguns with regular Handguns in 9th edition and replacing Crossbows with Dwarf Crossbows in 8th edition. D though you forgot to add Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin-hewer. Unknown 27 December at The biggest changes consist of their army-wide rules, as well as moving gyrocopters to rare to avoid the spam that became prevalent in 8th ed. Anonymous 1 April at Mathias Eliasson 1 April at Darkshards on the other hand have plate chest armour, a chainmail skirt beneath, metal vambraces and an semi-closed helmet.

I’ve uploaded new versions for both now.

Ravening Hordes

Unknown 18 August at Counterpoint but only because I like to argue, not because I actively disagree with what you’re saying Curin’s Cataphracts. They already have mine carts and deathrollers for open terrain, and flying machines for any terrain that those can’t handle.

Furthermore, it seems unfair to reduce the magic allowance as they do not have access to power. Thing is though, that the Elven cyaos have a lot more armour compared to the Dwarfs.


Gyrocopter moved to Rare, 90 pts. Daemon of Chaos Warriors dwrafs Chaos. The book also include 4 new units, including some that have been highly requested for years no, not Bear Riders, those belong to Kislev! Way Watchers do not fire 4 shots, but ignore the penalty for firing multiple shots instead. Mathias Eliasson 3 July at Besides, I am too ragening as it is with the official books! Dwarfs sprinting through the battlefield?

Mathias Eliasson 3 April at Accordingly, it should regain its melee ability S4 to represent the driver slamming it into opponents.

Monday, 24 April Ravening Hordes.

Tempted to model a unit filler of quarrellers stood around picketing for their armour back. M-Segato 19 November at Anvil of Doom pts. Why use fwarfs when you can use a zeppelin or a deathroller?

I can’t imagine anything that would anger a Slayer more than having their death stolen by someone else and it would be raveniny quite glorious death to take a hit that would’ve slayed the lord of the hold. And also by lore the BS 4 matches better with this unit. Dwarf-crafted special rule removed, did not make a lot of fhaos to begin with since the penalty for Stand and Fire is due to the enemy barring down on you at full speed, not because your weapon is superior.

Warhammer Armies Project: Ravening Hordes

Going into battle mounted on some creature would be both panic-inducing and dishonourable. And with those cheeky Nulners constructing mechanical steeds it’s a matter of when, not if.

I won’t argue that every single dwarf is opposed to mounted combat, just that any mounted units would definitely be far too rare to consider including in the main book. A bit later than planned, blame Easter and my girlfriend but don’t tell her that! Dwarf handgun added, ignores penalties at long range.

  DS1232L PDF

I’ll see about dropping it in price however. Silver Wolf 29 June at You will notice Dwarfs have more bonuses to dispel now too. KDMorris78 30 March at This way it doesn’t do much apart giving infantry characters an even higher footprint a bad thing actually and it has going for it at the moment are its 6A with meager S3. Rych 1 April at Great to see the Doomseekers: I think giving them something to compensate would be fair and I believe runic items is what was designed to set them apart.

Making infantry characters a bit sturdier was it’s main selling point Doubtful, there’s not really any existing background for it, only mentions of lizardmen. Anonymous 18 June at Roy Abspoel 3 April at I always envisioned Dwarven Cav as something of a mountainous mechanical goat with mediocre movement but the ability to jump over pretty much anything. Posted by Mathias Eliasson at Mathias Eliasson 20 June at Relentless now allows Dwarfs to march 3x their M value.

Already in the Halfling book. Runes kinda make up for the lack of magic.

Good work but I found some more bugs.