Description. Taschenbuch der Mathematik: : Ilja N. Bronstein, K. A. Semendjajew, Gerhard Musiol, Heiner Muehlig: Bücher. 28 Jan Taschenbuch der Mathematik (Bronstein). Front Cover. Ilʹja N. Bronštejn, Heiner Mühlig, Konstantin A. Semendjajew, Gerhard Musiol. Bronstein, I. N., und K. A. Semendjajew: Taschenbuch der Mathematik. 5. Aufl., B. G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig ; S., Abb.

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A decade later the German ‘ Wende ‘ and the later reunification led to considerable changes in the publishing environment in Germany between and Preface of the Reprint of the 3rd edition. Teubner in Stuttgart und Leipzig Due to Bronshtein and Semendyayev containing a comprehensive table of analytically solvable integrals, integrals are sometimes referred to as being ” Bronshtein-integrable ” in German universities if they can be looked up in the book in playful analogy to terms like Riemann-integrability and Lebesgue-integrability.

Bronshtein and Semendyayev – Wikipedia

Over the decades, high popularity and a string of translations, extensions, re-translations and major revisions by various editors led to a complex international publishing history centered around the significantly expanded German version. University of LeipzigMathematisches Institut. The reworked two-volume German edition was well received and again became a “standard” in higher mathematics education in Germany.

The expanded German translation Taschenbuch der Mathematik literally: English translation of a East German revision of a Russian handbook. According to Christoph Links this work contains a number of factual errors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Bronshtein and Semendyayev often just Bronshtein or Bronstein is the informal name of a comprehensive handbook of fundamental working knowledge of mathematics and table of formulas originally compiled by the Russian mathematician Ilya Nikolaevich Bronshtein and engineer Konstantin Adolfovic Semendyayev.

This name is still maintained up to the present by one of the branches. Retrieved from ” https: Archived PDF from the original on Privatisation and its consequences ] in German 2nd updated ed. The work also contains a comprehensive list of analytically solvable integralsthat drr, those mathemaitk which can be described in closed form with antiderivatives. Auflage Moskau mathemwtik Grunde. He carried out pioneering work in the area of numerical weather forecasting in Russia.

The book is in such high demand that the publisher decided to reprint the 3rd edition published in Foreword by Swierk, Alfred G. With some slight variations, the English version of the book was originally named A Guide-Book to Mathematicsbut changed its name to Handbook of Mathematics.

Licensing issues caused the development to split into two independent branches by the two publishing houses:. Teubner in Stuttgart and Leipzig This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat The other line is meanwhile named Users’ Guide to Mathematics to help avoid confusion.


The scope is the concise discussion of all major fields of tashcenbuch mathematics by definitions, tables and examples with a focus on practicability and with limited formal rigour. In it became apparent that the title needed considerable updates to meet new requirements.

Archived from the original on rbonstein From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The work was first published in in Russia [3] [2] and soon became a “standard” and frequently used guide for scientists, engineers, and technical university students. Taschenbuch der Mathematik [ Pocketbook of mathematics ] in German 1st completely revised ed.

January [December ].

Taschenbuch der Mathematik

Views Read Edit View history. Mathematical Association of America. Legal hurdles following the fall of the Iron Curtain caused the development to split into several independent branches maintained by bronsteni publishers and editors to the effect that there are now two considerably different publications associated with the original title — and both of them are available in several languages.

German; Translations available in: Interlanguage link template link number CS1 German-language sources de Articles containing French-language text Articles containing German-language text Articles containing Russian-language text.