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The ‘HC, ‘HC, ‘HCT, and ‘HCT are high speed silicon gate CMOS decoders well suited to memory address decoding or data routing applications. C. • Balanced Propagation Delay and Transition Times. • Significant Power Reduction Compared to LSTTL. Logic ICs. • HC Types. – 2 V to 6 V Operation. 3-to-8 Line Decoder/Demultiplexer. Specifications. The MM74HC decoder utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology and is well suited to memory.

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7h4c138 you for the answers. Do you already have an account? Help with simple circuit Oct 14, 1, I’ve verified that I have access to theand I’ve looked at the ‘s datasheet but can’t see how I’m suppose to implement it.

Sep 28, 9. I don’t see how the can ever do this job.

Photon Wrangling with Nano-Antennae Good news for those looking forward to 74h1c38 computing. Sep 24, 1. Posted by rochler in forum: If using a 74HC driven by a microcontroller is a possibility–then yes, do it that way.


Quote of the day. I’m also controlling the 3-bit signal from a micro controller so any changes to the bit-combination is also possible. If it’s enabled via E1-E3, just one output bit can be active. You could do it via a matrix of diodes, but that’s cheating.

Nov 28, 1, Strides Towards Quantum Computing: Sep 24, 2. Sep 25, 7.

Help With Simple Circuit Posted by tim. I think I’ll use that approach to begin with 74hv138 see how it goes Thanks again! A team of physicists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel have developed a single photon source that is not only compact, but also operates at ambient temperatures. Someone told me I should look into using multiple 74HC’s to produce the outcome but it doesn’t seem obvious to me at this point How can I get the output I want using a minimal amount of components?

Take another look at the truth table. Inverting the 74h1c38 bits?? And that’s not really the output I want. You 47hc138 Also Like: Sep 25, 5. And I guess it would be the simplest way of dealing with this.


I really appreciate your help. This is what I want: Understanding Actuation and Voltage Polarity This technical brief will explore some fundamental details related to solenoid operation and implementation.

Help needed: Alter simple circuit with 74HC | All About Circuits

Your name or email address: Sep 25, 6. See what inverting the address bits does for you. Thanks, actually I did think of that solution being a possibility. I’m not sure yet which components I have access to besides the 74HC and some simple logic gates, 74yc138 any suggestions is very much welcome at this point. Or have 8 independent outputs from the processor, if they’re available.

Help needed: Alter simple circuit with 74HC138

I don’t get it. Sep 26, 8. Apr 20, 15, There are at leastresults, some with detailed descriptions and circuit diagram. What will the circuit look like and how does the input values match the output on the LEDs? 74uc138